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Uncover the enchanting benefits of a tea house experience

Specialty Coffee Roasting

Crafting extraordinary coffee through specialty roasting
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Equipment Sales and Servicing

Improve your coffee business with our premium roasting equipment and expert maintenance
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Coffee Education and Workshops

Canoe Coffee Roasters is your trusted source for coffee education. Learn flavors, brewing techniques, and coffee origins
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Custom Blending

Create unique coffee blends tailored to your taste
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Collaborations with Cafes and Restaurants

Improve your coffee offerings. Let’s brew success together!
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All-time favorites

Discover our signature flavors

Enjoy your taste journey with our meticulously crafted coffee blends.

Coffee Girl
What We Do

We source, roast, and craft premium specialty coffee beans

Peter Jowman

Creative Director


What people are saying

The perfect balance of aroma and taste makes for an unforgettable coffee experience

Your masterfully roasted beans are a transcendent coffee experience.

Each sip has complex flavors and aromas that awaken the senses. Heavenly perfection in every cup

I’ve finally found my forever beans. Mornings have been transformed into a ritual thanks to your phenomenal roasts. Each cup is a lingering taste of pure indulgence

Simon PhillipsSimon PhillipsClientJenny MorrisonJenny MorrisonClientSandy AndersonSandy AndersonClient
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