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Welcome to Canoe Coffee Roasters

Moments that you'll treasure

Enjoy life's simplest pleasures with Canoe Coffee Roasters' perfectly crafted blends, creating cherished moments to savor.

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Classic flavors' delightful fusion, an indulgent nostalgic treat

Delightful fusion of classic flavors, a nostalgic treat that tantalizes the senses and evokes cherished memories.

Savor the time-honored blend, a flavorful reminiscence that transports you to cherished moments, evoking fond nostalgia.


Quality ingredients

Friendly baristas

Fresh pastries

Coffee bean store

The cozy ambiance and rich aroma create a wonderfully inviting space. The staff’s passion for their craft shines through in the exceptional quality of their roasts.

Mike Wallace


The wide variety of single-origin beans and rotating seasonal blends keeps things exciting for coffee enthusiasts. The knowledgeable baristas make trying new roasts an educational experience.

Maggie Stone


The artful latte art and perfectly pulled espresso shots demonstrate the baristas’ skill and attention to detail. The trendy yet warm decor provides an ideal setting for catching up with friends over a beautifully crafted cup.

Benjamin Wright

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