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Heart of any successful coffee business lies in its equipment. You can run a small café, a bustling coffee shop, or a specialty roastery, having reliable and efficient roasting equipment is essential.

That’s where our Equipment Sales and Servicing service comes into play.

Our Approach

  1. Premium Equipment Sales: We offer a curated selection of top-notch coffee roasting equipment. From state-of-the-art drum roasters to precision grinders, we ensure that our clients have access to the best tools for their trade. Our team works closely with reputable manufacturers to bring you equipment that meets industry standards and delivers consistent results.
  2. Customized Solutions: No two coffee businesses are alike. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique requirements. Whether you’re setting up a new roastery or upgrading your existing equipment, we tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. Our experts guide you through the selection process, considering factors such as capacity, automation, and budget.
  3. Installation and Training: Purchasing equipment is just the first step. Our service extends beyond sales. We provide professional installation services, ensuring that your roasters, grinders, and other machinery are set up correctly. Additionally, we offer training sessions for your staff. Proper training ensures optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.
  4. Maintenance and Repairs: Like any machinery, coffee roasters and grinders require regular maintenance. Canoe Coffee Roasters offers comprehensive servicing packages. Our technicians perform routine checks, cleanings, and adjustments to keep your equipment running smoothly. In case of any issues, we provide prompt repairs to minimize downtime.
  5. Upgrades and Consultation: As the coffee industry evolves, so should your equipment. Our team stays updated on the latest advancements. If you’re looking to enhance efficiency, improve roast profiles, or explore new features, we offer upgrade solutions. Additionally, we provide consultation services for optimizing your roasting process.

Why Choose Canoe Coffee Roasters?

  • Quality Assurance: Our equipment undergoes rigorous quality checks before reaching your doorstep. We stand behind the brands we represent, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in the coffee industry, our team understands the intricacies of roasting equipment. We share our knowledge to empower your business.
  • Customer Support: Canoe Coffee Roasters is more than a supplier; we’re your partners. Our responsive customer support is available to address any queries or concerns.
  • Long-Term Relationships: We believe in building lasting relationships. When you choose our Equipment Sales and Servicing, you become part of the Canoe Coffee family.

For seasoned roasters or budding entrepreneurs, Canoe Coffee Roasters is your trusted source for coffee equipment. Use our premium tools and exceptional service.

For inquiries or to explore our offerings, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’re here to assist you on your coffee journey

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