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Not everybody roasts coffee the same. We want to make sure that you understand what you're buying to ensure you have the happiest and most caffeinated mornings. Here's how we break down our coffee profiles:



These coffees are your "go-to" everyday coffees. You will find familiar coffee tasting notes like chocolate, caramel, nuts, maybe a little bit of stone fruit. Easy to drink crowd pleasers. Roast level, if that’s the way you think, is usually a medium-ish roast.


These coffees will blow your mind. You may taste things in these beans that you had no idea coffee could taste like. Including wild berries, bright acidity, juicy tropical fruits. Fireworks in your cup. Usually roasted on the lighter side to let these flavours shine. 

Dark roasts

At Canoe, we tend to roast on the lighter side of the spectrum. We do this to let the origin of the bean shine. We do realize though that a lot of people want their coffee to taste like good old roasty coffee! Fear not! We have you covered. Our "Burnt Canoe" coffees will satisfy your need for roasty toasty goodness in a cup. ps: No canoes were harmed in the making of these coffees.


Our Espresso beans are profiled to bring out beautiful sweetness and body in the espresso. If you choose our house espresso "Kano" you will have an espresso that tastes perfect on its own, or pairs wonderfully with milk. Our single origin espressos are usually in the "exotic" range, showcasing fruity, more acidic coffees that will be better on their own or with small amounts of milk. 
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