Guatemala - Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda

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FINCA EL GARBANZO - Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda 



Tasting notes : Warm – Stone fruit – Caramel - Clean

Origin – Guatemala, Mataquescuintla

Variety - Pache and Catuai 

Process – Washed

Producer – Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda , processed at Ricardo Zelayas farm in Antigua. 

Importer – West Coast Coffee Traders



** Below is a translation. **

"My name is Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda, and I’ve worked with my hands in the coffee industry for 53 years. My father, Camilo Zuleta Ambrosio, operated a plantation with the coffee plant varietal known as Arabica, and his work gave my family means to survive—I started working with him at his plantation at age 15. I plant Pache and Catuai in volcanic soil 17,000 metres above sea level, and I do not use any type of herbicide or chemical that could harm the environment. 

Growing coffee is a way we provide for our own families. We believe that together with coffee roasting companies, we can bring an exquisite cup of coffee to our customers. We are committed to taking pride in our own work, and to seeing people delight in our products. 

I am also a part of a peaceful resistance group that opposes corporate mining mega-projects—in the same way, we concern ourselves with taking care of our environment, as it provides us an appropriate climate for coffee cultivation and other agricultural activities that benefit our families. "

Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda

Caserío el Escobal, aldea San Miguel, del municipio de Mataquescuintla, departamento de Jalapa, Guatemala.
Mi nombre es Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda, de 53 años de edad de profesión campesina, mi padre Camilo Zuleta Ambrosio fue quien por medio de una plantación de café arábigo nos dio los medios necesarios para poder subsistir, y fue así como inicie trabajando en el café a la edad de 15 años, sembrando el Pache San Ramón y Catuai amarillo en tierras volcánicas a la altura de 1,700 metros sobre el nivel del mar, no utilizo ningún tipo de herbicidas ni químicos que dañen el ambiente. 
La caficultura es un medio de subsistencia para nuestras familias, y es por ello que confiamos en sus empresas tostadoras y juntos llevaremos una exquisita taza de café a nuestros clientes y nuestro compromiso es dignificar nuestro trabajo al igual que a las personas que deleiten de nuestro producto.
Pertenezco al grupo de resistencia pacífica en donde nos oponemos a los megaproyectos de explotación minera; de igual manera nos preocupa el cuidado de nuestra naturaleza, ya que es la que nos permite tener un clima adecuado para el cultivo de nuestro café como actividades agrícolas para el beneficio de nuestras familias.


Mataquescuintla is a community in Guatemala, unknown to many as a fantastic coffee growing region.  In recent years, this community has been peacfully protesting a mining project that threatens both the environment and the livelihood of many coffee farmers including Jorge de Jesús Zuleta Castañeda. This story is much more complicated than we can begin to explain here, but the impact on the farmers in this region is serious and unsettling. In order to help out in our small way, we have committed to working with this group of farmers to buy their coffee year after year at the prices they deserve and to provide the community with stability in a time of hardship. If you would like to dive into the details of this story, visit our friends and leaders of this project on their website :

We have paid a premium for these beans to ensure future quality and to keep these farmers from the last resort of selling their coffee at “C Market” pricing which is below $1 per lb. In addition to this, we will be sending 50 cents per bag directly back to Jorge and his family. Thank you for helping us to ensure that coffee farmers, including Jorge, are supported, treated fairly, and given a chance to fight for their lands and livelihoods!


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